Current Courses

Previous participants said:

"The effects of the course on me have been enormous - in ways I cannot even begin to describe."

" The publicity did not describe how truly wonderful an experience the workshop proved to be. I felt affirmed in so many ways and so much more open to life. It was a special experience for everyone."

" I experienced a rich and dynamic inner life expressed through my still and open body and for this reason I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in film acting."

"This course has brought together many strands, both in life and is the most valuable training in acting that I have ever received"

" The course was well thought out and well led. The professionalism and committment of both of you was superb. The balance of movement, spirit and action was excellent and it was so good to have an immediate application for the new skills and techniques."

" The reverberations of this work are enormous for me and I would like to thank you both."