Current Courses

Looking into Stanislavsky’s work the course will elaborate approaches to text and explore in depth the nature of dramatic action. Considering the law of Cause and Effect, karma and the Aristotelian notion of praxis, the actor will be inspired to find the solutions to the dramatic challenges within himself.

Work on movement, breathing and meditation continues. Working to extend awareness, openness and control, solutions are found to questions raised during rehearsal and a means is provided to unlock the creativity that resides deep in every actor. The separation which often exists between technical training and a creative response to a role is gradually overcome. Work on voice is addressed with considerable care and the actors are guided to deepen their understanding of conveying inner life and nuance through the sound of their voice.

The course will then use the application of these approaches to texts and scenes from Chekhov. Testing the wisdom drawn from the past in the work of the modern actor will clarify what is stable and elemental in the art of acting. There will be workshop presentations of work from both writers.

The number of participants is limited to 10 ensuring that each actor gets extensive individual attention and feedback. The workshop provides an excellent basis for the young actor and stimulates the experienced professional to extend and deepen their craft.

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