Current Courses

Currently running three courses a year:

2 courses - 6 days in length 1 course - 12 days in length

Full Course Description

The course will explore The Alexander Technique, Yoga, breathing, movement and meditation as a way of developing sensory awareness, focus, stillness, presence and sensitivity to other actors. This daily practice will help us to gain insight into Zeami’s ideas on acting and theatre, and establish a way to apply them during the rehearsal and eventual workshop presentation of his plays. Through this approach we will be concerned with cultivating inner life and deepening a commitment to working from the inside out. Creative empowerment happens when the mind and heart opens and connects to the inner movement of the play.

The Noh plays are concentrated stories which combine subtle transitions with moments of extraordinary intensity and life-changing transformations in character. These short plays lend themselves to concentrated character study and moment to moment changes are naturally related to the entire journey of the character. Through repetition and careful analysis this journey is clarified and a deep sense of meaning and responsiveness is cultivated in the actor. External action underpinned by a rich inner life combines together in a complete response to a role.