Alexander Technique and the Inner Space

I’ve known rivers
I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins

The Alexander Technique is concerned with posture. Lessons in the Technique explore ‘directions’. Directions are commands which encourage the body to stand at its full height.

These commands are not orders in the normal sense of the word, where the command requires the order to be carried out directly and immediately. Instead, directions take into account that upright posture was patiently explored and gradually refined over millions of years. Like the ancient rivers, the directions the body follows to fill its height are well established and deeply embedded. Directing is the art of participation, working with forces already ongoing and present.

These ancient rivers established over time convey us to the heavens, root us on the earth and broaden the back, mirroring the breadth of the landscape. Through the Alexander Technique we feel these forces at work. And learn that there is nothing to be done. To be conscious is to be alert, to get out of the way, and to allow these forces to work. Stopping is the key. With stopping, obstacles dissolve and muscles release. Then to listen and hear the sound of the river flowing and feel its force spreading us from within out into space.

Opening out reveals a space within. This inner space contains memories, deep traces of experience sculpted and woven into the fabric of muscular being. Soul is imprinted on the muscular flow that at once establishes our footing and lifts us skyward. These rivers emanate from the source of creation and carry the stories we have lived.